The Wall Street Journal is reporting that when George W Bush finishes up in a few years after eight years they will hand over about 100 million email messages. This type of thing is creating a huge issue for the US Archives. The Archives is looking at technologies that can be used to keep the messages available in 20, 75 or 200 years. Having been involved with this type of thing for Pacific Power I can understand their issues. With Pacific Power all I needed to do was make sure that drawings were available a hundred years into the future, which was a problem for me when we needed to convert 250,000 drawings from a format that was unreadable by most pieces of software!

On a similar subject, the FBI is looking to hire IT experts to assist in upgrading systems to allow increased data warehousing and search engines.

And Computerworld has an article on ‘What Tech Skills Are Hot For 2006’. According to their story, Developers, security experts and project managers will be in demand next year. Since i am a developer, this is good…

At times I have been a security expert too… Although I quickly gave that up since although it was an interest, I found it too hard to keep up. I did make some really good contacts, and once basically got offered a job at Cisco if I wanted it, but had to turn it down as I did not have anywhere the experience that they needed. Yes, there is a big story there, but not for this year! Maybe next year.