I found something interesting today… I was looking at the web site for Brazin, and found that they not only own In2Music and Sanity, and have some interests in Virgin music, but they also own HMV. The HMV is the interesting one. I had no idea that the were in any way related which is strange since I am a shareholder.Why I was even looking at their Web Site was that they also own Dusk. A friends daughter manages a store, and complaining that meetings for the company were held in Perth which puzzled me since Brazin was based in Bankstown. And he had no idea that Dusk was related to any other business. Unfortunately the shares in the group are under-priced, although with improved inventry control in stores I believe that the price should improve.

News.Com.Au is reporting that SOME 2300 guests have been evacuated from the Disneyland Grand Californian Hotel. This is one of the main hotels at Disneyland, and happened when a Christmas tree caught fire in the lobby. Two minor injuries were reported in the blaze, which broke out about 3am local time in an artificial, 10.5m tree at the 745-room hotel.
“It was electrical in nature. It was the lights on the Christmas tree,” Anaheim Fire Department spokeswoman Maria Sabol said. The hotel sustained moderate water and smoke damage, and guests were allowed to return to their rooms within a few hours.
And the GoogleBlog has a story how one of their managers decided to buy about 130KG of silly putty as a reward to wmployees, but only then found out how impractical so much silly putty actually is.

And Comp.Risks reports that Kansas Lottery Picks Same Number Three Nights in a Row. The same three numbers (5-0-9) came up in the same order on 16, 17, and 18 Dec 2005 in the Kansas Lottery Pick Three. On the third night, many people
apparently chose 5-0-9, costing the lottery nearly twice what was paid in. Lottery security officials insist that the system was working normally.
More information is available here