I have had a really busy day today. This morning I did a few things around the house; jobs that really needed to be done such as replacing some shade cloth on the greenhouse, and replacing a nozzle in the kitchen. These went fairly quickly. The shade cloth was installation was much simpler since the fasteners were much sharper than the ones I had used in the past. 100 fasteners later it is installed – and alas no photo 🙁 The kitchen nozzle was interesting since there was putty under the fitting. I had seen that before, and I now realise it is an intentional trick… I just do not know why. Maybe to stop leaking or something.

I also installed a light in the garage that I had not got around installing the electricals for. It is now installed and working really well. So is the power point I replaced at the same time in the kitchen. It was cracked and needed replacing PDQ. So that also got done. Then there was a trip to the local recycling centre with a load of cardboard and some old computer cases. And thanks to this being recycling it was all free..

In the middle of all this I had a phone call from a friend from Pacific Power who lives on the water on the Central Coast. She invited me to stay with her and her husband up there New Years eve. This should be fun since I have not actually seen them since 2004, although we have spoken far more recently.

Anyway I have some paying work that needs to be done so I had better get that done…