Right now it is about 5:40AM and I have been awake for about 90 minutes I would guess. I woke up just after 4AM and I could just not get back to sleep no matter how hard I tried. So I am now writing here after doing a few other things. After all, if my blog can send it’s readers to sleep, why can’t it send its writer to sleep? And strangely, now that I have started writing here I am beginning to feel my eyelids feel heavy.

The SMH has a story about how a family worked out that their father was a bank robber, and turned him in once they realised that all the evidence was there. The sons comment was that they were raised by their father to act morally, and so in essence, he is responsible for sending himself to prision.

The SMH Business Section has an interesting article on the web is changing the travel industry and forcing many of the businesses to restructure their ways. This has been a continuing trend over the last few years it would appear. In the late 1990’s I booked a couple of hotels in non-traditional (then) ways in the USA. In Atlanta I found a hotel on the Web using what was then a unique service allowing me to book my accomadation for any Atlanta hotel on a single WWW site. Then for Boston I worked out what hotel I wanted to stay at from the web, based on location and although the agent at this end was unable to pre-pay for it, they were able to book it.

Anyway I need to get some more sleep… Good Night!