Month: December 2005

What an interesting day… I spent a lot of time working on the plane today. It seems that we are finally getting somewhere on the fuselage. We got a whole lot of the front riveted on, and the firewall placed

Last night when I was watching Love Actually my DVD player started really acting up. Firstly the DVD player crashed near the beginning of the movie. It just stopped playing DVD’s. Then when I restarted the DVD player the audio

I have just finished entering all my DVD’s into DVD Profiler, and now actually know what I have in my collection. DVD Profiler’s database did not have any knowledge of only one of my DVD’s, and did not have cover

I have just finished watching Love Actually, and I forgot how much I loved the movie. I am not sure exactly why I like it – it might be the humor in it, or maybe the characters, or even the

Batman Begins was an interesting movie to see – and explained all the details of the history of the batman franchise that I had never really thought about. The details on what drove Bruce Wayne to become batman. I should

I had a look under the hood of my car today, and it would appear that getting access to the throttle cable will be fairly sinple if I want to add cruise control. What may not be as easy to

I was thinking… What are my favourite christmas movies? That is movies about christmas, or set at christmas. My favourites. Now, let me start… * Love ActuallyI thought I had this on DVD, but I cannot find this. It is

I have been doing a slight bit of research on Cruise Controls when I have not been watching TV or reading… I found a Cruise Control unit that looks good for about $250. Doing a bit more reading I found

I am now back home after visiting a couple of chrismas parties. First was visiting my father’s at Marsfield just behind Macquarie University. I drove there by the M7 and then the M2, and got there rather quickly. I think

I guess the first thing I should say here is Merry Christmas. I have not had my visit from Santa Clause yet, so we will have to wait until later for that. Today I am visiting my father after church

I should have published this last night, but I forgot. This is a classic poem, which was released 20 years ago this month. It is an official internet standard, and you can read it all here. Twas the night before

Twas the Night Before Christmas, and I started thinking… Who have I forgotten to buy a present for. Then I remembered… I have not got anything for my best friends dog. Hmm… What could I get her? Hmm. Well, looking

Right now it is Christmas Eve, so I guess it is time to send out my electronic christmas letters… So here it is. At this point I really should wish everyone a safe and merry christmas, and a productive new

I ended up going to see Harry Potter this morning. I arrived at the local shopping centre at about 8:30, and managed to find a really good parking spot about 10m from one of the entrances. Just perfect. Then I

I know it is too damn early to be up. But I could not sleep, and rather than stay in bed just contemplating life, well, here I am. Sitting here, thinking about finishing off watching ‘Crimson Tide’ from last night,