Month: September 2005

I am going to have a run run in a little while… I have not been for a run since before I went to the USA, so I doubt that I will be up to doing too much… A nice

Time for some art… Some rather expensive art. Like US$16,000. Personally I think this is a bit over-priced but I do so love it. You can have a look at the gallery page here. There are some videos of the

Some XyXEL hints on their IVR system with the p2002, or Prestige 2002 series VoIP phone ATA device. Firstly, calling #### calls the other extension. This is really cute… This is hidden in the manual. There is also an IVR,

A few links this morning… Firstly, victoria is adopting out Penguins for $75/year. You do not get to keep the cute little animals, but you do get a nice certificate… Great for Linux fans – since the penguin is the

I just saw a millenium edition of “two point four children” which was totally hilarious. Stereotypical of all the millenium bug issues, and then all the hoarding which the wife stopped would have come in useful when the wifes sister-in-law

I am so happy with myself. I have managed to get a VoIP service up and running. I ended up going with Faktotel since they worked with the ZyXEL hardware which I bought (which does not work with Engin). The

I got a new ADSL modem in the mail today – this was a bit overdue I think – My existing model is a bit old and I suspect on its last legs. Getting the new modem should have been

Just when you throught it was safe to come back to the Blog, here is more from Disneyland. This is from the Buzz Lightyear Astroblasters. At the end of the ride they allow you to email the photo to someone.

Last night while watching CSI:Miami I actually fell asleep again… This time I woke up a few minutes later, and pressed record on the VCR and went to bed. This was at 9pm, and I fell right to sleep. I

About 5pm this afternoon I had a real crash – I almost fell asleep at that time, and I would have if it had not been for a phone call from a potential client. This one asked for a quote,

I am beginning to fade slightly… I mean I am starting to get a bit tired. I have been up since 4am and that is a bit early. I hate jet-lag… I really do. Thankfully I have found that if

I am getting more used to being back by the hour, and realise how much I both miss being away, and love being home. I had an email from my Canadian reseller saying it took him 11 hours to get

I had a comment from my blog emailed to me from an ex-pat Australian in a french speaking country… The text was “Its a funny thing but the word lingerie (even though it is obviously French) is not in common

So what am I doing writingt in a Blog at 4:30AM? Well, I woke up at 4AM and I did not feel like going back to sleep. I am jet-lagged… That is I am feeling fine, but my sleep patterns

This afternoon has generally been fairly quiet – just recovering from the flight and also from the flu. I think it is mostly the flu rather than anything else. I would love to know exactly where I got it but