Some XyXEL hints on their IVR system with the p2002, or Prestige 2002 series VoIP phone ATA device.

Firstly, calling #### calls the other extension. This is really cute… This is hidden in the manual. There is also an IVR, or Integrated Voice Response menu that is accessed by typing **** on the keypad of the phone. This brings up an Irish voice, asking you to enter options. The only one that seems to work is 5#, which reads the IP address of the device – a rather useful reature.

I have not worked out any other features yet. The binary file does not give things away. I did a search for **** and did not find anything. And there are no hidden hints in there that I could find either.

The SMH today has a story about an Australian pilot in Europe with RyanAir who landed a 737 too hard. He blamed marital problems. The reason why this is noteworthy is that RyanAir makes virginblue look like an expensive airline…