I am so happy with myself. I have managed to get a VoIP service up and running. I ended up going with Faktotel since they worked with the ZyXEL hardware which I bought (which does not work with Engin).

The first issue that I had was that it was not able to get ‘autentication’. I solved this problem by getting the DNS working. I had the device outside my firewall and I had told the firewall not to accept DNS requests on the external port.

Then I set things up again, with the firewall acting as a transparent gateway to SIP, and the modem not using any gateways or proxies. This seemed to work, but the dialtone was still wrong. I eventually found the issue… It was that I was plugged into the wrong port on the box. Plugging the phone into the box gave a dialtone. And dialing my mobile worked well.

Then I rang a friend and he was impressed with the quality. And So was I… It has taken too much effort to get this working, but I am really impressed by it…

Now I need a PABX to connect to it!!!