I just saw a millenium edition of “two point four children” which was totally hilarious. Stereotypical of all the millenium bug issues, and then all the hoarding which the wife stopped would have come in useful when the wifes sister-in-law caused the house to loose power, and heating on new years eve. It was really hilarious.

When I was in the USA, I heard a story about Brazil. The person I spoke to was invited to Brazil by a group, and they were concerned about the imigration requirements for US citizens visiting. The Brazilians have a law which basically requires quid pro quo for imigration. That is they subject all citizens from a country to what would be experienced by brazilians when they visit another country.

Therefore when people from the USA visit Brazil they experience conditions similar to what is experienced by Brazilians in the USA. Which really annoyed the Brazillians is that they needed to implement special rules. So whan a plane lands, they put all the USA citizens into a seperate line. And then once all the other people have been processed they are all finger printed and photographed. Then they go into another line for imigration.

The US Citizen commented that he just loved what the brazillians had done, but really thought that they should have used real ink for the finger prints…