I got a new ADSL modem in the mail today – this was a bit overdue I think – My existing model is a bit old and I suspect on its last legs. Getting the new modem should have been simple, but there was a minor problem. ADSL would not connect, but I did not realise it. I saw lights flashing and I just thought things were working.

But things were not working. I could not work it out – the modem parameters were un-familiar, and I was having issues getting things working. Then I worked it out. I had entered my account number in… This would have been fine except for one thing – I entered the wrong email address with it. I have an email address to use that was assigned by my ISP. I have *NEVER* used this email. Never.

So when I was entering the details into the modem I entered my normal email address. And things would not work. It would find the ADSL, but not get any further. This was not good. But as soon as I entered the correct email things just worked. Perfect!