Month: September 2005

I have just woken up after a nice long afternoon sleep. I really needed it I can tell you, and I was only woken up with a phonecall from a client. Lets see… Time to describe more of the conference.

I have just been out doing some cultural adjustments – going down to K-Mart and the Post Office and the like, and I must say it is really nice to be back. Things are just so familiar in Australia, and

The previous entry was actually posted a few minutes back. I forgot to press the publish button before I went back to sleep… I just got an email from one of the other people at the conference… “You made out

It is now an hour later… 3:44AM, and I have not been back to sleep.. So the laptop gets turned off now, and my in-box is down to only 170 unread messages… or messages that have been read but need

It is now 2:51AM Sydney time, or 9:51AM LA time. I am now home, and I am a bit jet-lagged… And in case you were wondering, yes, I have had some sleeep. The shuttle to LAX was good. It was

I am about to check out of the hotel… And then get the shuttle to the airport… See you on the flipside

I have just had a really really interesting lunch – with a person from MAF. They are the Missionary Aviation Fellowship, and have interesting requirements for communications and tracking. Most of lunch was speaking about how satellite terminals are changing

Not much to say… I have had a touch of the flu, but thankfully that is getting better thanks to vitiman c, lots of liquid and lozengers. I have another talk at 10:30 and I should be right for that

Right now I have just given my talk. It went fairly well I think… Some of the presentation slides were out of order. But apart from that things were good… People were blown away when I entered addresses into Google

I have just got back from dinner… A group of us went to the local hotdog joint for dinner… Not what I would normally call a nutritious dinner, but it was interesting to have something different. I cannot see why

Right now I have almost finished the board meeting at the hotel here in Santa Ana. The feeling here in the USA is rather interesting at the moment… With the hurricane coming to Texas. There are so many people here

It is now 7AM on Thursday morning… I am about to meet with a client for breakfast, and then I have a board meeting. This hotel is really nice. They have a happy hour with some food to nibble on,

I am now in the Hotel in Santa Ana… Checked in and ready to go. Thanks to a local ham I got a lift here, and the hotel seems really nice. I ended up with a suite which overlooks an

I slept well last night… This was good. I looked at my ticket last night. Turns out I arrive home at 8:30PM on monday which is a couple of hours earlier than I thought. This is good. That is unless

There is a cute T-Shirt for sale at Disneyland…. It says “I like my boyfriend, but I *LOVE* Mickey” I just think that this slogan is so cute… Right now I am sitting in the bar of the hotel with