So what am I doing writingt in a Blog at 4:30AM? Well, I woke up at 4AM and I did not feel like going back to sleep. I am jet-lagged… That is I am feeling fine, but my sleep patterns are still not right. During The Bill last night I actually fell asleep. I cannot remember what happened in the show. I went to bed at 10pm, which is probably a bit early if you want to get up later than 4am (after having a decent sleep during the day)

I noted a week or two back about the iPod Nano. Now comes news that the iPod NANO screen is really really easy to scratch. So mutch so that it is really useless for album art. This is because the screen is so small and so high a resolution – which means that even small scratches cause big issues.

I am feeling a whole lot better today – with this flu almost gone away. I hope to actually get caught up on a lot of work today… I hope to be really productive today with the amount of wokr I can get done…. More soon