I had a comment from my blog emailed to me from an ex-pat Australian in a french speaking country… The text was “Its a funny thing but the word lingerie (even though it is obviously French) is not in common use here (in France) and most people do not even know the meaning. It was what a clothes maker was called in the old days. When my kids were young, their doctor was Dr. Lingerie which of course we thought was quite strange but even he did not know that we English use this to refer to women’s underwear or night clothing. The modern French dictionary does include this meaning now.

I find this really strange, how the french do not use the word that is obviously french. I know that some words evolve, but I would not have included this as one of them.

Right now I am watching Spooks, recorded from the ABC. The strange thing is that the premise of the plot is an attack on the tube network in London. The interesting thing is that they picked most of the locations from the tube bombings earlier this year.