Month: June 2005

MDA was cool on the ABC this evening – it was really interesting. MDA stands for Medical Defence Australia, and it tells the story of a fictional medical insurer, combining two of the classic subjects for TV dramas (Medical and

I am still running behind with everything I need wanted to do today. Thankfully the day is not over… I have fixed some software bugs, some of which I knew about, and some that I did not. I did not

I am SLOWLY getting work done. I now need to get a work package together for some outsource work. And there is lots of programming for me to do… And some emails. A lot of small things, and some more

I slept well last night… I did have a dream but I cannot remember what it was about – But I did wake up refreshed. I needed the good night sleep I think – I really did. Today is liable

I have just got home from a few errands…. I met a client for dinner – we went a local Thai restraunt for dinner which was good. I had not been to this one for a sit-down meal before, but

I have just got home after a short meeting with a client. Interesting meeting – although once more I cannot say anything about it. A case as always of pitching ideas and thinking on my feet. The sort of thing

ARGH MSN… Just disconnected for some reason. Not sure why. Looks like the MSN service is like a YoYo at the moment. I love it when technology works. And hate it when it does not. It is almost time for

I did not get to sleep until close to 1:30AM last night… I watch The Bill until midnight, and then I did not want to sleep so I did some emails. I just did not feel like going to sleep.

I have just got home after a long day – with a long board meeting. The meeting was in the city, in a suite in the Grand Mercure at Darling Harbour. Right now I am sitting here watching The Bill

I went to Darling Harbour for lunch, at some place at HarbourSide at $10 for a steak. Not bad, but I guess you get what you pay for. No salad or anything like that. So I was a bit dissapointed.

I saw This cute link – it contains a demo showing how the trains are in london, and what the performance of the system is like there. I would love to see what it is like in Sydney with CityRail.

I am now in the City waiting for the board meeting to start. I am on Vodafone GPRS which is sort of cool – being able to be in a office or somewhere and work is useful. It is a

My father dropped by this evening… I was wondering when he was due back from Scotland and London… He arrived yesterday morning – and commented that he was really tired after having flown the London/Sydney leg in one go without

I went out for lunch with a client today. It was my first export sale of my new tracker – so I was in a mode to celebrate. My client however decided that he wanted to try something different –

Dealing with Telstra can be interesting at times. I just went to pay a Telstra bill for the church and noticed that some of the numbers looked a bit high. Like phone rental of $3/month for a phone we own,