My father dropped by this evening… I was wondering when he was due back from Scotland and London… He arrived yesterday morning – and commented that he was really tired after having flown the London/Sydney leg in one go without more than a one hour stopover. Yuk.

The main reason that he dropped by was that his memory card hard disk device failed. The micro-USB connector on the edge had failed. This small connector had just broken off – really strange. Looked like metal fatigue. I tried re-attaching it without luck. In the end I took his USB cable and soldered it to the PCB. It worked, but required significant epoxy to make sure it stayed. I am not sure how long it will last.

Dad was also telling me about my grandmother. She is not well at all – and is going down hill fast. It is so sad. She really cannot work out who is who when they visit, and is just confused all the time. It must be really horrible for him since he has known her for so much longer than I have (obviously)…

Anyway it is bed time… Good Night