I went out for lunch with a client today. It was my first export sale of my new tracker – so I was in a mode to celebrate. My client however decided that he wanted to try something different – and had found KFC on the way to visit me… So we had a business lunch at KFC… My client was happy since they do not have KFC in New Caledonia.

It was great to actually meet the guy – we had spoken on the phone a number of times – and there is nothing like talking when there is no international phone bill mounting up quickly.

Tomorrow I have a board meeting in the city. This is a real pain – I think it is at Darling Harbour. I will cope, but it is a pain. It will probably continue on wednesday too. I am not looking forward to the meeting.

I heard from my father today – he is back in the country. He arrived back yesterday from three weeks in the UK – mostly in Scotland. Not sure exactly he was doing – I will probably be seeing him this evening for a few minutes.