Dealing with Telstra can be interesting at times. I just went to pay a Telstra bill for the church and noticed that some of the numbers looked a bit high. Like phone rental of $3/month for a phone we own, and paying for a business line for the church which should be under a not for profit plan.

All in all this will save us $18.49 when it is put into place. But to do that we first need to fax them a copy of the ‘Not For Profit’ certificate from the ATO. Fine. But I am getting ahead of myself.

The first question I asked was if I could get myself added as an authorised person on the bill. Stupid question. Because of how it is set up this is not possible. After some protracted questioning I then found out that I just needed the bill in front of me. Then I asked if there was a better plan… Oh, yes. There is this more expensive one. WHat about a ‘charity’ plan… Oh, yes. It is half the cost. I needed to know that it existed for me to ask about it… This is normal Telstra… Unfortunately