I am SLOWLY getting work done. I now need to get a work package together for some outsource work. And there is lots of programming for me to do… And some emails. A lot of small things, and some more major things to be done. I think I have spent too much time on the phone today too..

I am in the mood to go for a run, but I do not feel like going running in the cold and wet outside. It really is pouring here at the moment. Which is great since the rain really was needed.

I have done some work in New Caledonia today… Using VNC to connect to a machine over there and work with a tracker. This involved VNC to one machine, and then VNC to another machine. It was slow, although I think that was the connection to New Caledonia. Seemed like a satellite connection. I am waiting on some information from the Phone Company to get the tracker working.

FedEx yesterday really wanted to get in contact with me… They sent me eight copies of the same email. And it was not even an automated emailer – this came from a real person. Not sure what happened there. Really strange.

Oh, and SUN have released their ‘First’ laptop according to news reports everywhere… Slashdot covered this amongst others. The only thing is that they released their first in 1994 and it seems that most people forgot that it existed. Oops…

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