I am still running behind with everything I need wanted to do today. Thankfully the day is not over… I have fixed some software bugs, some of which I knew about, and some that I did not. I did not get as much programming done, but it was not essential that I get it done today.

I heard from Richard… We will probably be building saturday. Sunday is definitely out for me… Saturday will see a lot of work done I suspect. We must soon be getting ready to do a huge amount of painting… That is my guess anyway.

I just found out about a conference I wish I visited in the USA over the last few days. It was called Where2005, and was for mapping and GPS. There was one
, where David Rumsey did a walk down map memory lane. Drawing on his collection of over 150,000 historical maps as well as his work with geographic information systems, he showed how information of all kinds has been mapped and will be mapped in the future.