I have just got home after a short meeting with a client. Interesting meeting – although once more I cannot say anything about it. A case as always of pitching ideas and thinking on my feet. The sort of thing that I love. I was amazed at how good the roads were this afternoon. I would have thought that they would have been more congested. Thankfully not.

I have not seen any changes with the iPod update… I know there is the capability to upload PodCasts… But apart from that I cannot see any changes. I have yet to see a description on what Apple has changed with the device.

Before going out I was having fun programming. Not everything was working how I expected. I was trying to add some icons as images on buttons. Strangely they could be added to the image list but would then give an error. It turns out that many icon formats are not totally supported inside an ImageList in VisualStudio.Net… And it only took an hour or so to find this out… .