I have just got home from a few errands…. I met a client for dinner – we went a local Thai restraunt for dinner which was good. I had not been to this one for a sit-down meal before, but I will have to go again. The food was good and hot, although the drinks in the fridge were not cold. I had my normal – the Pad Khi Mau Gai, and as you might have worked out I loved it. We then needed to visit another client together meaning some driving, but it was quick. Comparitively that is anyway.

I did not get as much programming done today as I had hoped. Needing to visit clients caused lack of time. Maybe I will get more done tomorrow. Some of the debugging functions I have built in are working well. They are helping me a lot. Well, that is what they are designed for.

Friday I need to install an ADSL splitter at a neighbour of a friends. This may be a quick job – we will see. I hope it is quick – but these jobs can also be a real pain. Just depends on the work of the people that have been there before me. We will see.

Anyway Law and Order is about to start and I want to concentrate on it…

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