Month: June 2005

It seems so much later than just after 9am. Not sure why. Just a feeling. There are a whole lot of tools in the office that I love. My Label Printer is very important… My writing is not all that

Another short post… And another nice gloomy day in Sydney. Lots of work to do today. But things are quieting down which is good. Hardware is being built and delivered. Software is working. Money is starting to come in. The

This will be a short entry… I was building this afternoon and evening over at Richards. We got some good work done – assembled the brake pedals for the first time and did some work on the seat backs. This

I am off to Richard’s to build today. The weather is good for Sydney – some drizzle rain. I was woken at 5AM with really heavy rain and then went right back to sleep. The forcast today is for occasional

I love Sydney weather. To the north it looks like we are about to have the storm of the century. To the south is blue sky and sunshine. Who knows what way it will turn out. I am hoping for

At the momemnt I am a connected to the internet at Richard’s through GPRS. Richard has Wireless but it never seems to let me in – well, not for ages anyway. Just as I wrote that the gods must have

Strangely it is not all that cold this morning. The SMH has the temperature at 15 degrees, meaning that it got warmer overnight. I am not sure I would agree with that but it is a bit warmer. I guess

It is really cold today in Sydney, at least by Sydney standards. According to the SMH, it was 11 degrees at 11AM, with a forcast maximum of 14. That makes this the coldest day this winter, and maybe this will

It is now the winter solstice here in the southern hemisphere. That means that the days are now getting longer… Although many people feel that this is the true start of winter. It was a strange time at the conference

The drive into Milson’s Point was quite easy… Actually I was able to get here only going through two traffic lights. Unfortunately I had to go through one of those sets of lighs about three times whilst I looked for

I know that a lot of people need to leave for work early, but I think leaving home before 7AM is just somehow wrong… Well, sort of. I used to like to get into the city early when I was

Tomorrow I have the Rabbit Semiconductor session all day at Milsons Point. I think I will drive over there – the hotel has parking for $16.50 all day so the price is about right. All I have to do is

I went for a run a little while back – probably getting back 30 minutes ago. It was good to have a run. I have not been for about a week, and I think I am still recovering from the

Some links… Firstly Hexus has a link to a story of how ECS manufactures computer main boards. This is such a cool story. I have only read some of it so far, but it looks really cool. MakeZine has an

Ok… Some news… Firstly, according to CNN, Peru has just introduced the worlds first train running on Compressed Natural Gas. They also have a story on the falling fortunes of the 70’s and 80’s video game company. Concidering I am