Month: May 2006

Today has been a long day… What with finding out about Bill Kovacs and also doing actual work. A friend of mine from New Zealand will probably be flying to the states to go to the funeral, although I will

There is a very important reason why today has been fairly quiet Blog wise. Bassically, apart from being out of the office working, I had some bad news. A friend of mine died last night in the USA. His name

Once again I slept in a bit, waking up a touch before 7AM. Which gives me a couple of hours until I need to head over to Pymble. By then the M2 should (I hope) have cleared somewhat, and the

Telstra wants to send FibreOptic cable almost to the household as a way to increase the bandwith available to houses. But one of the other impacts is that this would provide Telstra with a near monopoly which cannot be a

The stupidity of some people will never cease to amaze me. A man in perth has been charged with a relatively minor crime. I have no idea what he has been charged with, but he deserves more than he has

As a recap… I had some issues with VB.NET with creating a custom VB.NET control. What I worked out was that I needed to recompile the library explicitly. I also needed to ensure that any ‘properties’ assumed that any variables

I am on the board of my local child care centre. One of the things we have been doing is making sure all our policies are up to date. And adding new ones where appropriate. The latest one is the

I am certainly not getting anywhere fast with the adding a control to a form. Things are just not working – it is obvious that I am missing something basic, but I am not quite sure what. I can sometimes

I am ready to pull my hair out… I will put the error message from VB.NET below, just so that everyone can appreciate exactly how useful this message is… Code Generator Propert ‘Paths’ failed. Error was: ‘Property accessor ‘Paths’ Object

Strangely rebooting my server did not help… Right now I am waiting for the technician to reboot the firewall to see if that helps. It is a pain not having the server within an arms reach, but it generally means

I am just waiting for a server to return to operation – unfortunately this server is the one I use to test my software, so if the server dissapears from the network, I can no longer test the software. This

I am finally up… I guess I slept in this morning until just before 7am. And I needed the sleep really – I did not get to sleep last night until late as I was totally engrossed in Dan Brown’s

I have been reading the book ‘Angels and Demons’ by Dan Brown, who wrote the Da Vinci Code… And just like his novel Digital Fortress, I am finding this book really really hard to put down. I started reading this

I spent some time this afternoon looking for a bug in some code… I eventually found it – the error was that to send an SMS message, you need to send the following commands…AT+CMGS=”0412929634″This is the message[Ctrl-Z] The problem was

This morning may have been quiet, but this afternoon has been hectic. This mornings teleconference never eventuated, leaving me with some time to work on other things. But this morning I spent about an hour and a half with a