Once again I slept in a bit, waking up a touch before 7AM. Which gives me a couple of hours until I need to head over to Pymble. By then the M2 should (I hope) have cleared somewhat, and the journey should be enjoyable. As enjoyable as a 40-50 minute drive can be anyway.

I have found two links of use for my current programming project, which is resizing and moving forms on a form. The first is from Code Project and is fairly basic. The other one from Mathpath is more comprehensive, but also needs to be extended somewhat… I will work on the code and then maybe release something here in the next few days.

The BBC is reporting that the EU has decided that it is illegal to send details of people on flights from the EU to USA before they arrive. The USA has been requiring this data as a post 9/11 security requirement, and the EU decided that the data protection standards applied. They have until 30/September to work this out though… Until then they are allowed to break the law by sending the data.

Newsforge has a quick look at the FreeNAS software that turns an old PC into a huge fileserver. I might need to look at this software soon… HDD space here is always running out, so I am thinking about storage options.