Telstra wants to send FibreOptic cable almost to the household as a way to increase the bandwith available to houses. But one of the other impacts is that this would provide Telstra with a near monopoly which cannot be a good thing.

In response, IINet has released a paper on the myth of Fibre and how it is not really needed to privide a high speed data service in most parts of the country. Interesting read as it describes much of the technology of ADSL, and the changes with ADSL 2/2+. Another interesting thing I heard is that Telstra are now installing minture ADSL servers in some street boxes with fibre back to the exchange. The interesting thing is that this fibre is often only 2 MBit/sec each way, meaning that two 1500/256 ADSL links will saturate the download connection. The reports I have seen indicate that Telstra have up to 24 people sharing the fibre.

My task right now in VB.NET is working out how to move controls such as buttons at runtime… They should be dragable, but I have not worked out how to do that yet… More work needed.