There is a very important reason why today has been fairly quiet Blog wise. Bassically, apart from being out of the office working, I had some bad news. A friend of mine died last night in the USA. His name is Bill Kovacs, and he is one of the fathers of Computer Graphics.

It’s not often that a great soul comes into your life and blesses you with so many gifts of well being. Bill Kovacs’ created many things to me and my company. My company (REZN8) was founded with one of Wavefront’s first 3D software licenses almost twenty years ago. Bill joined REZN8 in 1999 and has served as a Board Advisor, Consultant, and CTO. He helped create a broad range of visions which has generated unlimited opportunities for REZN8.

But, the biggest thing Bill gave us was his heart. He was the kindest and most loving person I have ever met. He was a friend. He had a love for creation. He gave us all tools to make our dreams become possible. His presence is everywhere in my life and will be missed. We all stand on his shoulders. Bill Kovacs died last night in his sleep.

He was profoundly loved by us all.

Thanks for your love and vision. Paul Sidlo, REZN8