Today has been a long day… What with finding out about Bill Kovacs and also doing actual work. A friend of mine from New Zealand will probably be flying to the states to go to the funeral, although I will not be able to make it since I have another funeral to go to over here…

The coding I have been doing has involved working on a forms designer for the upgrade to my TeamTrack application. This has been challenging since it has involved learning the details of more of the deep internals of the .NET framework and inheritence.

When I was at the office I kept getting messages about the IP address of my PC conflicting with another one on the network. It seems that one of the machines on the network was not set up correctly. The first thing we tried was to get the Ethernet MAC address and type it into the IEEE database to find the equipment supplier. No such luck. Then I tried the nMap program on it. I asked nMap to find out what ports were open and what operating system it ran. We found out that it was running Linux. That limited it significantly since most of the machines ran WINDOWS.

Once we knew that we looked at other machines, and found that the keyboard switch was the machine that was playing up, and had been incorrectly set up. With a few minor changes it now works well.

According to the SMH, Vodafone internationally have just reported a A$54b loss. This is a LOT of money! Most of this is writedown on the value of assets purchased in 1999/2000.