I am just waiting for a server to return to operation – unfortunately this server is the one I use to test my software, so if the server dissapears from the network, I can no longer test the software. This is a HIGHLY networked world we live in, and everything is interdependant. This is great most of the time – when things work. When things stop working, lots of other things stop working.

Case in point, a couple of years ago Microsoft let one of their domains de-register. They forgot to pay. It stopped everyone using a Microsoft Passport from logging in. And of course this was over christmas so there were few people around who knew that this was a problem, and fewer who knew how to fix this. In that case thankfully a programmer worked out what the problem was and paid for the $50 domain renewal himself just to get things working for everyone. Microsoft was really greatful and gave him several thousand dollars worth of software in return. And just to highlight that this was not the reason he did this, he gave the software away.

Also, we had a bit of fun outside this morning… The waterboard came a bit before 8am needing to fix some sewer pipes… Some tree roots had got into the main behind the house, and they were here to clean the pipe out… Their main problem was that the drawings showed the pit in a somewhat different location than it was… Thankfully I was able to let them know where it was.

Just had a phone call about the server… It is up and running – it seems fine. Stranely the server is refusing incoming network connections… Time to speak to the guru’s to see if they can offer any suggestions. I am guessing that there is a setting in Windows Server saying how many network connections to accept incoming… Time so investigate…