Strangely rebooting my server did not help… Right now I am waiting for the technician to reboot the firewall to see if that helps. It is a pain not having the server within an arms reach, but it generally means that I do not need to worry about the maintenance of the server. I just need to worry about making sure my software is running.

On another subject I have just renewed the rego on my car. This was too easy. Last week I got the inspection done. Today I paid the CTP renewal on the phone, and then a few minutes ago I typed in an 8 digit number on the RTA WWW site, and it told me what my rego was, that my CTP had been paid, that my car had been checked for safety, and asking me to pay. Then about 5 seconds later my car was re-registered. This is what I call efficient. It actually took me longer to navigate through the RTA www site than it did to actually re-register my car!