Month: May 2006

User Interfaces can be a pain to work on. I am working on one at the moment for an administrative console. What I am finding is that the application needs about three levels of tab controls for the application to

I am just waiting for a SKYPE teleconference to start… So until then I guess I have a chance to update this blog… In the last few days I was speaking to someone and they commented ‘Strange Days Indeed’, and

I will probably be programming today… I have some software to debug, but it should not take too much time. The software was working in C#, and I got it coverted to VB.NET. Now I just need to remove the

This is a strange world we line in. Friday I was at a job, and a person rang wanting to speak to me about tracking a vehicle. I asked him to ring back in an hour. No problem he said,

In the UK, the people who look after their VAT has decided to investigate eBay automatically to make sure that the big eBay sellers are registered for VAT. In the UK, second hand sellers are required to only pay VAT

Boy, did I sleep well last night… I was doing some reading and I was strugling to keep my eyes open, so I closed them for a moment at 10pm. Next thing I knew it was half an hour later,

I have just returned from seeing The Da Vinci Code at the Cinema. I think I liked it – people wanting to see a National Treasure type film will be really dissapointed. I am not sure what the budget of

My friend from Canberra who I was planning to meet for lunch has needed to cancel. He is running late writing a report so is unable to meet up today. So I have some time free. This morning I have

I slept well last night – I went to bed about 10:30 and did not wake up until a touch after 7AM. Basically I am well rested, and ready for a great day in the wide world. I am sure

I am going to sleep well tomorrow – and given that I am not building the plane tomorrow, I can actually sleep on too. I have to meet a friend for lunch somewhere south – a friend who could not

Home, Sweet Home! I am happy to be home – I have been out for most of the day, and it is good to have a chance to sit down and relax. At 8AM this morning I had an email

Google, it would appear, have about 10 servers serving Gmail. They might well have more behind the 10 IP addresses, with each IP address handling a cluster of machines. Knowing Google’s love of distributed programming I suspect that it is

I probably should be in bed right now sleeping, but I woke up too early, and like normal when I wake up, I could not get back to sleep. This is strange since I find it normally quite easy to

I have just finished watching the latest episode of Top Gear, and I was just laughing so much. I am sure I was moments away from passing out or crying – that is how funny I found it. Top Gear

I had dinner tonight with my mother – it is her birthday today so I had dinner with her and my brother. We went to an Italian restraunt, which generally has great pastas. Well, except for their Lasagne. I am