Month: June 2006

I think I am in the wrong profession. I get sent a magazine called InsideGNSS which is about GPS type technology. With any other industry you are likely to get photos and pictures of things that are visually appealing. As

Right now it is 7AM and I have been up for only a few minutes. I was tempted to stay in bed a little longer, but last night I forgot to put a parcel out for the courier to pick

I mentioned earlier today that I had managed to burn the knuckles on my left hand on my soldering iron. Thankfully the burn is not hurting – not even the low level pain that I was expecting for many more

Ouch. I think that is the best way to some it up. I was doing some warranty work on some tracking units today and I managed to hit my knucles on my left hand with my soldering iron. I now

Two things on my agenda for today… FIrst is that I have a heap of programming to do… Maybe not a heap, but I have enough to keep me going. And I have some warranty work to do on some

Finally home after a day mostly working on the plane. Well apart from a few work emails and phone calls that is. Surprisingly, things were generally quiet today, and I was able to get the work done on the plane

I had a good day yesterday… In the morning I wrote I was battleing the international transfers system. Last night I had a call from the Banker in London to work out how to get the money to my account.

Some links… The SMH has a list of the 8 things that men do not want woment to know. I am not sure I agree with the lot but it is a good read. News.Com.AU is reporting that J.K. Rowling

Right now I am learning more than I even wanted to know about International funds transfers. I am trying to get funds into an account from a client in one country via a bank in another country. Of course each

Right now I am feeling a bit tired… It is 1:49 AM and half time in the World cup match between Australia and Italy. From my point of view Australia and Italy are fairly close with their performance. Australia seems

Australia Vs. Italy is on tonight, so I will get setting my alarm for about 12:55AM. The Game starts at 1AM and I want to be ready to see Australia thrash Italy. Or as is more likely, for Italy to

I was quite shocked with the fuel economy of my car on Friday. I was doing some errands, and needed to refil my car just before I came up to the shell service station on Lane Cove Road. I have

For some reason I woke up at 5:30 this morning, which to be frank to too darn early when I have no reason to do so, particularly in the middle of winter when things are getting a bit cool. After

Sometimes I am a bit dopey. A friends brother has just returned from Overseas, and was away for his birthday. So he is having a birthday party now that he is home. Having somewhat of a poor memory I was

Working on the plane today. Not sure exactly what we are working on but I suspect that it will be in the centre of the plane, around the seat area. There are predictions that international mobile call prices could ‘tumble’