I had a good day yesterday… In the morning I wrote I was battleing the international transfers system. Last night I had a call from the Banker in London to work out how to get the money to my account. What we agreed was that Australian Dollars would be the easiest, as I could not work out the correct intermediary to use. Personally I do not care if the money is in Australian Dollars or US Dollars. It will all be the same when it reaches my business account anyway. [Paypal is different… It has seperate legers for each currency, and only does the conversion when needed.]

I also sold some tracking units through a reseller which is good too. These ones are slightly different, and so I have been working on a new driver for the units. This has taken some doing, but it is close to being done. I am quite impressed with the protocol, and I am finding it fairly easy to use. Now, if only they could improve their documentation…

Today I will be spending some time working on the plane… I have got through much of the things I wanted to do so I have some time up my sleeve. Not that I do not have other work to do, but that by working in evenings etc I can catch up.

Some links now… There is a new WWW site that predicts airfares in the USA. It is in Beta, but it will suggest when the best time to book and travel will be. Also, France has released a competitor to Google Earth… Although I suspect they did this for national pride.