I think I am in the wrong profession. I get sent a magazine called InsideGNSS which is about GPS type technology. With any other industry you are likely to get photos and pictures of things that are visually appealing. As an example in the trucking industry they have photos of young women adorning the trucks. In the travel industry the magazines contains photos of tropical beaches and beautiful scenery. But not in the GPS industry.

The issue of this magazine I got has an overview of a scientist working with GPS in aviation. In what is I hope a spoof of the magazines perchant for providing body measurements, this magazine provides a text box which proudly notes ‘Van Dyke’s Coordinates 39d 38.921N 077 08.231W’. And then there is the ‘GNSS Album’ containing ‘Images and Spectral Signatures of the new GNSS signals’.

After getting a trade magazine so nerdy as to provide those type of features I think I need to get a new job!