Right now it is 7AM and I have been up for only a few minutes. I was tempted to stay in bed a little longer, but last night I forgot to put a parcel out for the courier to pick up this morning, and so I needed to get up to organize that. One of the good things about winter (and perhaps the only good thing) is that it gets light later… At least this is good when you are trying to sleep in – it is not quite so good if you need to get to work or something. Anyway I have found myself sleeping later for the last couple of weeks or so.

The burn on my hand is not too bad, although I think it needs a small bandage to protect it from infection. I think it will be fine in a few days. I do not expect to get much sympathy from one of my friends for burning myself on my soldering iron. A few months ago he managed to burn himself on my soldering iron and makes sure I do not forget…

I found a Logging Library for .NET. Not many people will be interested in this, but nLog looks useful for me.
The SMH has a hilarious list of some new ways to leave your lover… They also link to DearJohn.COM which rights hilarious breakup letters for you.

Right now I have a 10AM appointment at Pymble for a days programming, and I have some things to do first so I had better get them done.