Month: June 2006

Some links. Travel in News.Com.AU has a list of some of the more interesting pubs in london. These include some rather historic places… with some bargains listed too. The Government has also approved a structural seperation of Telstra into a

I have been down to Camden for my first flight even in a Van’s RV plane. I mostly enjoyed the hour long flight, although there were times that I would rather have been elsewhere – generally when the plane was

Some days I am sure that I am going mad. Other days I am confident I am. I am not sure which case today falls into, but it is one of them. I am trying to send some data from

Things are finally going my way with this new hardware – the driver seems to be behaving itself, but a lot more code is needed. Basically more protocol stuff needs to be implemented but the data seems to be being

I have spent most of today on what I would call an entirely useless exercise. I traced the problem I was having down to the manufacturer of the equipment I am writing a driver for. They have written a software

Although we did not win the match (we managed to draw the match), we really should have won the soccer. Australia really did dominate the game. We was robbed… Maybe not, but we should have won. After watching the game

Australia Vs. Croatia in the World Cup is on right now… Apart from the scoreline at the moment (0-1), Australia looks like they are playing a far better game… I did set my alarm for 5:00AM and I have been

I have had a busy, frustrating and somewhat productive day today. First thing this morning I had an appointment at Eastgardens to program some IC’s for a friend. Normally this would be a simple task, but not today. First thing

I have come to the conclusion that I do not like Qantas Club. There is only one thing worse than being stuck in Qantas Club for six hours… and that would be being stuck somewhere else for a similar amount

There is a new version of MSN Instant Messenger available that contains better support for file sharing, video conferencing and the like. You can download it from here. And according to the SMH, people in the Sydney CBD are going

I am now sitting in the QANTAS CLUB in Melbourne Airport for a flight at 8:30. And it is only 2:30 now or so. The meeting I was down here for finished early so I have a few hours to

For some reason I dont tend to have much success in staying in places in Victoria. Right now I am stying in a motel in the outer suburbs of Melbourne, and I am guessing that this place would get three

Let me explain todays flights… Now, pay attention, for I will only say this once! I was due to catch a 9:30AM flight to Melbourne arriving at about 11AM. When I checked in, the machine asked if I wanted to

Right now I am sitting in the Qantas Club in Sydney Airport waiting for my flight. When I did the checkin, I was asked by the computer if I wanted to go on another flight. Thankfully I did choose one.

Since i have reinstalled my Dell laptop, the PC seems not to want to restart correctly if I close the lid. If I select Standby on the Shutdown menu things seem fine. I probably need to find a patch somewhere,