Right now I am learning more than I even wanted to know about International funds transfers. I am trying to get funds into an account from a client in one country via a bank in another country. Of course each are in different timezines and speak different language, although thankfully all concerned speak English. I actually had to look on the map to see exactly where one of the locations was, and I most certainly had never got an email from there before. Interesting experience to say the least.

I have just seen an article about eBay which proves that your chances of winning an auction decrease with every bid. I sort of knew this anyway… The worst thing you can do is enter into a bidding war… Except for the seller that is 🙂 And Boeing is evaluating it’s in-flight Internet Access since it is not profitable. Mostly because none of the US airlines have introduced it, and many other airlines who have do not have power in economy seats.