For some reason I woke up at 5:30 this morning, which to be frank to too darn early when I have no reason to do so, particularly in the middle of winter when things are getting a bit cool. After spending some time not being able to get back to sleep I am now up and contemplating how many emails I can get through… I know what they all say, but I have not dealt with them so they are marked as ‘unread’. And there are too many of them.

Yesterday on the plane we worked on a few important things. Firstly we installed the rudder cable covers at the rear of the plane – two small pieces of aluminium that need to be pointed out to be visible and held on with four rivets each. We also removed the rollbar, adjusted the size of the feet and cleaned up the ‘shim’ we were using to angle it before installing it permamently on the plane. Superglue helped to keep the washer with the nut. Too easy.

Then we installed the foot pedals into their position. This was not too hard, but it would be a pain to do if you had to move them closer to the pilot for ergonomic reasons once the plane was complete. And we did some rivets on the front of the plane up the top too… So very very slowly items are being taken off the to-do list.

Anyway time to get some work done… More later.