Month: November 2005

I have an important meeting at lunch time tomorrow – it should be interesting. Meeting with another client for the first time although I have been dealing with his business partner for the least few weeks. I was hoping to

I think the battery in my old dell needs replacing… I was using it outside in my car for a project for about 10 minutes before the battery died. That would be the second battery in this computer – with

In what must be a unique divorce settlement, a man in Iran has been ordered to pay his wife one gold coin a month for the next 10,000 years; or about $2000 per year. Under Iran’s marriage law, couples sign

I have just got back from my run. I was not running quite as fast as I thought I was, but I did go well. I ran 6.1KM in 42 minutes. That is not bad. I did take the GPS

Yesterday when I was using GoogleEarth over the Vodafone 3G I was having huge problems. I found out what they were after a little while. Turns out that the 3G application that comes with the card had the option to

Many people it seems make hand movements in time to music. Sometimes this is playing an electric guitar in the air, or hitting an invisible drum kit. Some other people may mime singing the lyrics of a song. I am

Australia Post never ceases to amaze me… I have a POBox as this is a better way to get stuff delivered… In theory all letters and parcels to the address should find themselves in the post box regardless… Some companies

One of the coolest things you can do with food now in the USA is getting custom printed M&M’s. Basically, you can get M&M’s with your own words added to them… Cute concept. Yahoo News, has an interesting article on

The News.Com.Au site has a story on visiting the Harry Potter locations in the UK… It would be interesting to visit all the locations from the movie… I have been to some (Kings Cross station) but there is some beautiful

Back from the meeting… Went well… Really interesting, but I cannot say much more than that unfortunately. My notes from the meeting make really interesting reading and maybe one day I will be able to share them here. We will

I was in Borders a little while back, and I saw a book near the checkout… It was called “I HATE MYSELF AND WANT TO DIE: 50 OF THE WORLDS MOST DEPRESSING SONGS”. I did not buy a copy of

The weather outside is definitely improving… That is if you do not mind the rain stopping, and the humidity rising. How do I know this? I just got back from my run. It went really well. I ended up running

Listening to the radio during the last week I have been hearing the song ‘Take Me Away’. This seems to be a remake of a snappy song I last heard performed by I think the ‘Four Seasons’. And I think

This morning after I grab some food I have a PCB to finish designing. I then need to visit a client to find out what modifications are needed to the design. There will be some… There are always changes that

Oh, no… According to News.Com.Au JetStar was planning to paint one of it’s jets in the Yellow of the new Lynx deodorant advert showing on TV. Aparently Jetstar had no idea how sauct the adverts were going to be. Jetstar