In what must be a unique divorce settlement, a man in Iran has been ordered to pay his wife one gold coin a month for the next 10,000 years; or about $2000 per year. Under Iran’s marriage law, couples sign a pre-nuptual agreement where the bride must stipulate the level of compensation they can demand during the marriage or in the event of separation and divorce. So in this case the court decided to effectively reduce the alimony by spreading it over a longer period. Hmm.

Computer systems in emergency serivices are strange at times. A person who tried to ring an ambulance from Park Central in the shadows of Campbelltown hospital was told that she did not live there since the road she lived on did not exist. The ambulance eventually arrived 2.5 hours later with lots of directions. To place this into context, the Ambulance station in Campbelltown is on the corner of Hurley st and another street. Park Central is off Hurley Street about 1.5km away on a straight open major road. And I am pretty sure that every house there would have a view of the hospital. In fact for some of the houses, it would be quicker to jump the fense and get to the emergency ward than it would be to get from the emergency ward to most of the rest of the hospital.

The problem appears to be the Computer Aided Dispatch system which has outdated maps. Argh. Why does this not surprise me. And this type of problem is the reason I have stayed away from that part of the business!

Anyway, back to work…