I think the battery in my old dell needs replacing… I was using it outside in my car for a project for about 10 minutes before the battery died. That would be the second battery in this computer – with the first lasting about two years I would guess. This is not my main laptop where the battery still performs well. I might need to get the pack re-manufactured as this is often a lot cheaper than getting a new pack.

A journalist in the UK has been sacked over a Rigged Brake Test on a Mercedes car. The car had intelligence that would automatically apply the brakes if the car was going to collide with another car. But in the building where the demonstration was being performed the system did not work. So the journo decided to fake the test for cameras. Beucase of the special effects fog in the building the car could not see that the car in front had stopped. But they knew that this was going to happen.

So the engineers had placed a plank on the road to say when to brake. But the active suspention caused the driver of the vehicle at the back – the one with the anti-collision technology – to not feel the bump and ran into the back of the other car. All in front of TV cameras. OOps.

Quickly: The BURKE and WILLS bottle from the ‘Dig Tree’ has been sold for $250,000. And an Open House in Darwin gave an off duty Police officer the hint that drugs were being grown inside the house hydroponically.