Listening to the radio during the last week I have been hearing the song ‘Take Me Away’. This seems to be a remake of a snappy song I last heard performed by I think the ‘Four Seasons’. And I think that this new version is better. I just have not managed to work out who is performing it yet. I love the song… Definitely one of my favourites, at least at the moment.

I just saw an advert for the Vodafone 3G card that I got for free in the SMH in the computer section. They are offering the same deal as I got, BUT normal people need to buy the new 3G card for the bargain basement price of $399. Or only $16/month for 24 months. I am glad that I got that offer – as it saved so much money!

I will probably go for a run in a little while… It is starting to warm up slightly and there is no rain around, so the conditions are fairly good. I am not sure how far I will get, but that does not really matter… Exercise does not need to be taken seriously, only regularly.