Month: November 2005

CNN has a story about the movie ratings for the weekend in the USA. Unsurprisingly, Harry Potter came first. What did surprise me was that 2nd was a biography movie about Johnny Cash. Number four was the Chicken Little animated

Don’t ask my why, but I tried connecting my new flat panel monitor to an old DVD player I have lying around here being un-used. By old, I mean 18 months old. Not all that old in the scheme of

It was only when I started going through my address book working out who needed to get christmas letters and christmas cards did I realise how many I needed to send out. Some people will get theirs electronically which will

I have just been to get new tires on my car. I was not planning to spend quite so much on new tires, I think getting new tires rather than retreads is worth it. After all this set of tires

I have just done it… The run… I did about 5km in 35 minutes, and I am feeling a whole lot fresher than I have after my last few shorter runs. That might be because of the weather. I do

I did 30 situps this morning… Five more than yesterday. And in a few minutes I will be going for a run. There are reports coming in from the USA that the XBOX 360 dies after a short period of

I slept well last night… Apart from it being a tiny bit cold and needing an extra blanket. After two days working on the plane I needed a good sleep… And that is what I got. I am planning on

I have just got home from doing some work on the plane – which has been productive today. We finally got the longerons finished today, basically. By finished, I mean we got them fully drilled, and they are the correct

Last night I neglected to make some comments about the longerons. Basically I hate them. They are a real real pain. Prior to yesterday we had spent hours on them. Probably two or three sessions working on them. And they

The following was forwarded to me…—- You know you’re living in 2005 when… 1 You accidentally enter your password on the microwave. 2 You haven’t played solitaire with real cards in years. 3 You have a list of 16 phone

I have had a fun day today, working on the plane… Richard and I worked on the longerons again. These are the pieces of angle that go the length of the plane, and keep it dimensionally stable. And I must

In the SMH, Richard Glover has taken the Australian Princess story, and used it as a base for translating other fairytales into Australian. He tells the stories of ‘The Princess and the Pee’, ‘Cindyrella’ [Which sounds like a name from

I did some more sit-ups today – I think I did about 20 of them, and they seemed to be a bit easier than yesterday. I was amazed at how much easier it was. I guess I just need to

Every year around this time I start working on my christmas letter to all my friends. This is a letter that basically brings all my friends up to date with my life. So I have taken some time today to

Here is a cute project for those with pets – particularly with the hot weather coming up here in the Southern hemisphere. It is an Automatic Pet Water Bowl that works in the same way as water coolers in offices.