Many people it seems make hand movements in time to music. Sometimes this is playing an electric guitar in the air, or hitting an invisible drum kit. Some other people may mime singing the lyrics of a song. I am one of the invisible drum people, but I am un-coordinated enough so that it would be a real disaster if someone gave me a real set of drums. Anyway, some students in Helsinki have developed computer software that will record the image of someone playing a guitar in the air and will turn that into music. I suspect that there is a long way to go on this project, but this is quite amazing.

Since I have almost no musical tallent (apart from a great love of listening to it) I do not think I will be setting up a system like this in the near future. I would love to be able to play an instrument like the piano, but I never learned.

The SMH has a story about how Vodafone is restricting premium SMS from some prepaid plans. Speicifcally they are restricting the ability to use premeum SMS as part of the capped calling on certain plans. I would have thought that any premium SMS would have been in excess of the cap, or part of it until it got to the call limit. Anyway they are advising people who want to use premium SMS to get a post-pay account or not get get a capped account. In some other vodafone news, apparently I am one of only a handful of people with a vodafone data account, and no voice account. I am told that this is VERY rare, and unusual.