Yesterday when I was using GoogleEarth over the Vodafone 3G I was having huge problems. I found out what they were after a little while. Turns out that the 3G application that comes with the card had the option to block certain content, and also had the ability to compress images. Well, that really stuffed up GoogleEarth, and meant that most of the user interface did not work, and the software effectively crashed. That is turned off, and things should be working a lot better now.

Durning the meeting yesterday I was told about an interesting free program called FreeMind which is a mind mapping program. It is a program to sort ideas based on lines on the screen, and their relationship. This is great for planning when there is very little inherent structure and you are searching for the structure, or where your mind just loves to go wild. I have not downloaded this one yet but I will. I have tried a similar program in the past and it was good. It needs the java runtime which can be an issue but is not bad.

Anyway I need to get going… I have a run to do… I will be doing the marathon before I know it 🙂