Month: August 2005

When I was at the end of Highschool I really wanted to build myself a Synth. Not that I had any actual ability to play at all, nor do I think that I actually had the ability to build the

I have been busy working on updating my WWW site… There are probably 50 pages updated already… Mostly stuff that will make it easier to update the style of the site soon. There are a few things that have been

I have just released a new product – the WeatherTrak. This device attached to an automated weather station, and send the data to the internet via GPRS or CDMA. I have placed a page on my Site with some details.

I was just looking at the Daily Telegraph and they have a story with pictures of George and Esther – readers may recall that they were the mathematicians that died within minutes of each other over the weekend. Quite an

I was speaking to my brother tonight. It turns out his very good friend got a job for Google, and right now is just waiting for a visa to be issued. Not sure how long that will take – but

I have just emailed a friend of mine from New Zealand about this concert at the State Theatre. Rick Wakemen is coming to Oz for his farewell tour. Rick Wakeman and his farewell tour. As a session musician for David

On BoingBoing there was a comment about the teleporting things… I love the following quote… “Michio Kaku, a noted physicist and author at City University of New York, said “the only way to use (teleportation) as a secret weapon is

The French, according to the BBC have released a list of the airlines that are not permitted to fly into french airspace because of safety reasons. This announcement on the same day as Belguim released their list comes after the

I have just seen a couple of DVD’s… They were Mooseport, and ‘The Prince and Me’. Both were good but different. Firstly ‘The Prince and Me’ was basically a rehash of the old story which a woman falls in love

The carrier has deduced that ‘The SIM card is stuffed’. That is a technical word meaning that there is something wrong and they are not sure what is happening. Good. Neither am I… So they are getting me a new

I have been onto 2nd level support with a mobile carrier. Always a fun exercise. This time they are calling me since I tried calling them, and I am not an authorised person on my clients phone bill so my

I thought I was going to have to get credit cards cancelled and my license re-issued as I misplaced my wallet… In desperation I looked at my car for the third time, and moved the passengers seat, and there it

Ok… A few things… Firstly after the Fergy 8 thing getting attention, I got an enquiry from Equador. Right now I am thinking that Equador is on the equator in central america. Strangely I hated geography at school, and now

This has got to be the most stupid theif ever. He stole a laptop computer from a store selling closed circuit TV cameras. People interested in laptops should have a look at here. This is a DIY wooden laptop, and

I had a really enjoyable day yesterday when I visited my old supervisor from Pacific Power at Hawksberry Heights… Really great to catch up, filling each other in on what has been happening since we last saw each other in