This has got to be the most stupid theif ever. He stole a laptop computer from a store selling closed circuit TV cameras.

People interested in laptops should have a look at here. This is a DIY wooden laptop, and looks interesting. I will not be building one though. On the technology front, this is a really cool article on how plasma TV’s work… They are sort of a cross between a normal TV and an LCD… And this page shows how to turn an old laserprinter into a shredder.

And lastly, this page on Wired shows how automated software is being used to change the rules of online poker… and how the “bots” are even playing themselves, colluding on who has which cards to better the odds. Interesting… Goes to prove that gambling is a tax on stupidity…


I have found This article showing how the rating for songs works on the iPod shuffle. It details a lot of statistics, which I basically understand… The shuffle feature on the shuffle picks a new song at random every time, whereas the ipod just shuffles your music when you click the shuffle button… So on the iPod Shuffle you can actually hear the same song twice since things are really random. And this page goes into the statistics on this.