I have just seen a couple of DVD’s… They were Mooseport, and ‘The Prince and Me’. Both were good but different. Firstly ‘The Prince and Me’ was basically a rehash of the old story which a woman falls in love with an undercover prince. I should note here that Julia Stiles really does add something to this movie. Without her it would have not had the same feel to to.

I cannot get out of my mind the idea that this movie is a reprise of the wedding of Mary Donnaldson to Crown Prince Frederick last year in Denmark. In fact the movie was set with a price from Denmark, and given that there are a number of countries in Europe I have the feeling that this is not a coincicence.

Mooseport was a Ray Romano movie, and I cannot get out of my head the Simpsons cartoon where former president bush moves in across the road. This in many ways is a remake of that cartoon. Not a literal remake, but taking some of the concepts. And the idea of a former president needing to go in for a mayoral election is just as surreal as many simpsons episodes…

Anyway right now I need to get some sleep. I woke up too early this morning and need to catch up on some sleep.