I have just released a new product – the WeatherTrak. This device attached to an automated weather station, and send the data to the internet via GPRS or CDMA. I have placed a page on my Site with some details. More will follow soon. The complete site is undergoing some changes as described earlier.

FinkBuilt has how to build a childs birthday cake in the way of a volcano… Which actually ‘erupts’ this cool fog. It is actually dry ice in water, but seems really cool. I only wish I had kids to build this cake for. Did I say build… I mean make this cake.

One thing I love is This antenna launching system. It uses compressed air to shoot a tennis ball attached to fishing line. Really cool concept.

Another thing I am playing with is ADSB and wireless comms. Very Interesting. Interesting Implications. Please do not ask any more as I will not be saying anything more about this.