On BoingBoing there was a comment about the teleporting things… I love the following quote…

Michio Kaku, a noted physicist and author at City University of New York, said “the only way to use (teleportation) as a secret weapon is to allow our enemies to bankrupt themselves thinking they can produce a teleportation machine.

Sometimes that is the way – where the best way to nobble a competitor is to suggest a certain path for technology that seems reasonable at the time, but you know is going to be a huge big sink for money and resources. I cannot give any examples of this for obvious reasons… But I suspect that this stratergy is oh so too common in business.

I have just seen a story on News.Com.Au about how Australian radio company CODAN may have been selling HF radios to Al Qaeda – and may have sold $35,000 in radios to them through an intermediary. Very interesting indeed.


I heard ‘Together In Electric Dreams’ being played in the local shopping center this morning when I went down to grab the mail and return some videos.