I thought I was going to have to get credit cards cancelled and my license re-issued as I misplaced my wallet… In desperation I looked at my car for the third time, and moved the passengers seat, and there it was… The wallet had slid off the seat under the passengers seat. One of the problems with having a car with a very dark interior is when this happens. Thankfully the wallet has now been found.

I finsihed off a project today for the Concrete Pipe Association of Australia. I was writing some software for them, and have been for months… Well, more correctly I was waiting for feedback… but it is now in production after there were very few comments. The software is used to estimate costs when you are installing concrete pipes… and comparing the cost of concrete pipes with other pipes.

Well, that is now in production so I am happy, with another project out the door. I now need to write it up… One of my outsourced programmers has been really busy today, so I have been looking at his work… It has been really cool… And shows so much potential. I just hope he finishes it quickly now that he is actually working on the project.